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Upskilling: Enterprise DevOps Skills Survey

Upskilling: Enterprise DevOps Skills Survey

The DevOps Institute (DOI) is the Association for DevOps Professionals that encourages continuous learning as a lifestyle. The survey and resulting report are designed to help companies better understand both the current and future state of DevOps skilling and cross-skilling across the global IT community.
The survey will take about 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Using data science coupled with qualitative analysis, DOI’s goal in fielding the report is to provide tangible insight into why and where IT practitioners, managers, leaders and business stakeholders should focus their efforts in growing personal and organizational skills portfolios.
The DevOps Institute’s vision is to facilitate a community where members have access to the most innovative, inspirational and transformational DevOps content and certifications around emerging DevOps practices and principles. They strive to provide content that inspires discussion, collaboration, transformation, and to foster healthy dialogue among global members of various technical backgrounds and experiences.

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